Project Description

Client Need:

The owners at Wilkins were not happy with pumping out the same old, boring, price point driven RV commercials. They really wanted to stand out because the RV business is very similar to the auto business where each dealer always talks about sales and how much money they can get off by purchasing today! Wilkins RV asked our team to come up with some fun and engaging video content they could use to blast out to the market.

Facehead Strategy:

Our production team was salivating at the chance to produce some epic and outgoing video content for Wilkins! Once we got the go ahead our team instantly brainstormed some ideas and came up with lifestyle video content to connect with potential RV’ers future lifestyles. We turned our first video around within 48 hours notice of their first commercial run.

Lifestyle Video:

No Shows:


The owners absolutely loved the first set of lifestyle commercials and ran them all over TV, social media and YouTube. There was so much buzz and talk about the new commercials that they saw a 50% increase in traffic throughout all 4 of their locations in the next 3 months.
Increase in Foot Traffic
New Social Media Followers
Digital Video Views

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