Project Description

Client Need:

Leonard’s Express is a transportation provider in Upstate, NY with offices all over the United States. The trucking industry is a very competitive and cut-throat business with a huge demand for truck drivers but a very small supply of them available. Facehead was tasked with cutting through the clutter and helping the VP of Recruiting and his team decrease their overall cost per hire and increase the amount of qualified leads each month. In addition to increasing the amount of qualified leads and decreasing their cost per hire they also asked Facehead if we could increase their social media following and engagement by producing various videos, original photography and graphics

Facehead Digital Strategy:

Our account management and creative teams created original photography, video content and targeted ads that the trucking & logistics industry would understand and engage with. We’ve conducted weekly FB live videos to go behind the scenes at Leonard’s to show potential employees the fun and family driven atmosphere they’ve created. We’re creating contests on social media pages to give back to their followers and community. Our video production team has created the utmost professional and emotional video content showing off the Leonard’s culture. In addition, our digital team implemented a strategy executing various campaigns targeting potential truck drivers through extensive Social Media, YouTube, Craigslist, Google Ads and Programmatic display campaigns.

Watch: Leonard’s Testimonial

Watch: Leonard’s Veteran Highlight


Our strategy decreased their overall cost per hire by 45%! In addition, we’ve increased their social media following by over 10,000 followers in less than 12 months!

Reduction In Cost Per Hire
New Social Media Followers

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