Project Description

Client Need:

Starting completely from scratch build a “Bed in the Box” mattress brand from the ground up including research and strategy for a brand face, voice and structure. Build a website, create social media handles and following and eventually begin pushing people to the site to purchase mattresses and accessories.

Facehead Digital Strategy:

We created original graphics, photos and videos to be used across various platforms along with the website. After building a face of the brand who is titled, Doctor Sleep, we built and launched the website and all social outlets. We also built and executed extensive digital campaigns across Google (SEM, Display YouTube, Google Shopping), Bing, Social, Digital Audio and more. We have scaled this campaign across the entire nation after building out custom and precise audiences.

Introducing Dr. Sleep

DLX Fan Girl

DLX Layers

DLX Factory


DLX Mattress is still a very young brand and Facehead client who has launched in am extremely competitive space. Their Facebook following has grown to over 13,000 followers and their Instagram over 5,000. Engagement is excellent across each social platform. Sales continue to grow month over month along with recently doubling month over month. The brand is continuing to grow with tremendous creative and well executed digital marketing campaigns across each platform.

Facebook Page Likes Growth
Instagram Followers Growth

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